BMCS Product Line - Automated Logic Corporation

Automated Logic has been a consistent technological leader in the Building Automation industry for over twenty-five years.

Automated Logic was one of the first companies to move their entire platform to the open communication platform BACnet, which is universally recognised as the world standard for building automation as ISO standard 16484-5.

Automated Logic was the first company in the industry to move their graphical interface to the web. WebCTRL is entirely web-based and is accessed through Internet Explorer, not a proprietary program, and, at the client's discretion, can be reached from any computer any time, anywhere through the Internet.

The innovative graphical programming interface shows the control logic through graphic streams displaying real-time data.

Automated Logic is commonly used in process control and critical applications.

An indication of the robustness of the platform is that Automated Logic Corporation has been installed in fully 75% of co-located data centres (Colos) in the United States.

In 2014 Automated Logic released WebCTRL 6, which, as the name implies, is the sixth major upgrade of their operating platform.