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Logical Building Automation (LBA) are experienced building automation contracting and servicing firms exclusively providing the Automated Logic Corporation building automation product line, WebCTRL, in New South Wales, the ACT, and South Australia.

We specialise in automation systems for high end applications including universities, data centres, 6 Star Greenstar Buildings, and Energy Monitoring & Control systems. Our teams of over one hundred employees have been installing and maintaining our WebCTRL system for over ten years.


  • Shangri-La Hotel

    The iconic Shangri-La Hotel in the Rocks BMS upgrade was started in 2004. Over a series of five stages the complete project was retrofitted with final completion in 2010. The BMS includes a sun position monitoring function that opens and closes the blinds in three lounges to maximise the view while minimising sun glare. This site includes forty seven air handling units and plant over thirty six levels.


  • Workplace6

    Workplace6 was completed in 2008. It was the first 6 star Greenstar built site in NSW. This site has over three hundred zones of chilled beams. There are ten different hi level interfaces. The site has separate interfaces and logons for the building managers, Google and Accenture using Automated Logic's Location Based Privileges, which allows one network to be segregated to particular clients.

    Note, three of the first four 6 star As Built projects in Australian were built using WebCTRL.


  • Thermographics

    Automated Logic's legendary thermographic view of floor plans provides the quickest overview of building temperature control in the industry. A quick glance identifies areas of the building where conditions are not being met. Single click zoom brings the problem zone live with animated graphics.


  • Environmental Index

    "You can't control what you can't measure." The Environmental Index gives a single number summary indicating building comfort conditions based on temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels. This can be drilled down to floors or individual zones for analysis.


  • Control Spec Builder

    Automated Logic offers an on-line non-proprietary spec writing website. This site allows consultants and clients to write their own specs. By selecting options from checklists Control Spec Builder prepares complete points lists, return functional specifications, and schematics. If you would like to give it a try go to www.ctrlspecbuilder.com

    CTRL Spec Bldr Points List

  • Westpac Data Centre

    Logical was selected to replace the BMS at Westpac Data Centre North Ryde in 2005. When the site was ready for a major upgrade in 2010 Logical was again selected to perform this multi-million dollar upgrade. The project was completed in 2012. It features redundant servers, fibre optic backbone and ten HLI interfaces.


  • Video Wall - Do you want this in your foyer?

    AL Video wall Syd 2_reduced

Current News

The Total Facilities Conference at the Sydney International Convention Centre was a huge success. We partnered with Blink Mobile and Automated Logic to provide a wealth of information.


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